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Napoli buys into Osimhen favor over social media staff.

Napoli takes responsibility for Victor Osimhen by firing social media football staff From the post that became an issue that appeared on TikTok. Italian outlet Calciomercato reports that. Napoli have decided to act responsibly by parting ways with social media officer Alessio Fortino. After there was an

5 plant-based protein sources that are better than meat

5 plant-based protein sources that are better than meat Low calories, suitable for health lovers meat protein Although the benefits are many But there are quite a few disadvantages as well. Today brings high protein sources. that does not rely on meat as an alternative for everyone. ยููฟ่าเบท Protein

7 herbs and vegetables help reduce high blood pressure 

Vegetables and herbs help reduce high blood pressure. Vegetables and herbs help reduce high blood pressure, especially Thai herbs that have many types to choose from. Information from the article “Caring for Hypertension Patients with Integrated Medical Techniques” by the Bureau of Alternative Medicine Division of Alternative Medicine Department of Thai

Get to know sweeteners instead of sugar

Get to know sweeteners, sugar substitutes, reduce the risk of diabetes sweeteners is a substance used to replace sugar give little energy does not increase blood sugar levels Diabetics are therefore popular to use instead of sugar. Including those who want to control their weight because these sweeteners provide low

Arsenal may agree to sell Balogun for the money.

Arsenal could decide to sell young striker Folarin Balogun this summer. Although he currently scores more goals than both Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe in Ligue 1. Balogun the 21 year old is Ligue 1’s top scorer with 14 goals for the Stade de Reims. Of

Girlfriend answers when did Frankie go to Manchester?

Barcelona’s Dutch midfielder Frankie de Jong is heading to Manchester soon. According to girlfriend Mickey Kemeni’s response to a question on her Instagram. Frankie de Jong’s designer girlfriend Micky Kemeni responded on Instagram. When she was asked ‘When is Frenkie coming to Manchester?’ Should head to