Benefits of garlic Herbs in the kitchen

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benefits of garlic Herbs in the kitchen reduce blood pressure, prevent cancer

Garlic, a Thai herb that is part of the Thai kitchen no matter which menu If you want the aroma, a little spicy, you must have garlic as an ingredient. But not that garlic is useful, just delicious. Because the medicinal properties are abundant. both reduce the pressure Prevents excess cancer and heart disease.

Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Revealing the information of garlics that is interesting. The enzyme allinase present in garlic, when it is activated by crushing, chopping or chopping, activates the enzyme to act as an antioxidant. That helps reduce fat levels that are not good for the body. Reduce blood triglyceride levels and reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. and the consequences of reducing blood lipids It will result in lowering blood pressure. Because it doesn’t require a lot of pressure to pump blood throughout the body. ทางเข้า ufabet

As for the ability to prevent cancer. It has been studied that may come from one of the properties of garlic. That’s anti-bacterial. or inhibit carcinogens It also reduces cell proliferation, which prevents the proliferation of cancer cells.

The anti-cancer effects of garlics Presumably from its antibacterial effect. Or from the inhibition of the creation of carcinogens also increases the repair of genetic material. and reduce cell proliferation. The amount of garlic recommended to reduce blood fat is 5 grams of fresh garlics or about 5-7 cloves twice a day for 42 days