Girlfriend answers when did Frankie go to Manchester?

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Barcelona’s Dutch midfielder Frankie de Jong is heading to Manchester soon. According to girlfriend Mickey Kemeni’s response to a question on her Instagram.

Frankie de Jong’s designer girlfriend Micky Kemeni responded on Instagram. When she was asked ‘When is Frenkie coming to Manchester?’ Should head to England’s North East on February 23. According to a report from Derio Sports on Tuesday. 

Frenkie was linked with United over the summer after his former boss Erik ten Hag at Ajax Amsterdam. Who tried to get old men to work together again at ‘Old Trafford’. But no agreement was made and the 25-year-old midfielder continued to play football with the Azul Grana team until current.

According to reports, a fan took to Instagram of Frenkie’s designer fiancée Kemeni. When will the Dutch midfielder arrive in Manchester? Before she replied that February 23 is the fact that. Barcelona visit Old Trafford in the Europa League play-off second leg ’23-2, I guess so’

Barcelona play Manchester United in the Europa League play-offs with their first game at the ‘Spotify Camp Nou’ on Thursday February 16. UFABET Before the second in Manchester on Thursday, February 23.

To which his girlfriend replied clearly. But it’s the most annoying answer because it says that it will go on February 23. Which is why it is said that it is disturbing because it implies that it means to go Manchester City. To compete in the UEFA Europa League 2022-23 play-off round on February 24 at 3:00 AM (night of February 23) according to Thailand time.