Napoli buys into Osimhen favor over social media staff.

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Napoli takes responsibility for Victor Osimhen by firing social media football staff From the post that became an issue that appeared on TikTok.

Italian outlet Calciomercato reports that. Napoli have decided to act responsibly by parting ways with social media officer Alessio Fortino. After there was an issue of posting a parody of Osimhen on Tiktok.

After the game ended with Napoli drawing 0-0 with Bologna last week. There have appeared two TikTok video clips featuring Osimhen as the protagonist that have been posted. UFABET One clip was a parody of a missed penalty at the Stadio Renato Dallara and another compared the Nigerian striker to a coconut. But the post was deleted after that.

The issue caused dissatisfaction with Osimhen. Whose representative issued a statement preparing to take legal action against his parent club, Napoli, and also created widespread dissatisfaction. Including close people, football fans and even spread to those holding positions in the government sector of Nigeria.

Although Fortino was not the creator or producer of the video clip directly. But there is a part that is responsible for taking care of such matters. And the conclusion was parting ways with Napoli after working together for two and a half years. While the admin who takes care of TikTok and the person who produced the said piece has already personally apologized to Osimhen.